2022 Homecoming King and Queen announced Sept. 30


Maria Puga-Trevino

Queen Marlena Pestrue and King Dylan Luft as they are announced on the field.

Tyson Head, Editor

Friday, Sept. 30, The lights shine down on the Saint Louis High School football field as the long-awaited announcement of 2022’s homecoming king and queen finally arrives.

Walking the field on the homecoming court for freshmen were Maria Soto and Ryder Siefka. The sophomore class was represented by Annabelle Breen and Colin Kuhn. The Junior class representatives were Myah Pitcher and Dominic Girard. Between the four boys (Victor Parlove-Carrera, Thomas Zacharko, Dylan Luft, and Wisdom Zanquo) and the four girls, (Payton Kuhn, Izabelle Hrabal, Jenna Abell, and Marlena Pestrue), the senior class had its’ hands full with a tough choice between who would represent them. The class spoke and elected Dylan Luft and Marlena Pestrue as the homecoming king and queen respectively.

Marlena Pestrue may have been elected homecoming queen, but she could just as easily be named queen of the school due to the sheer number of accomplishments she’s had over her high school career. Now entering her fourth year of school, she is the president of Business Professionals of America, president of National Honor Society, class of 2022 vice-president, and a distinguished member of student council. All the while she is an avid member of both girls’ cross country, track, and basketball. Pestruewas also elected prom princess last school year. “I was surprised when I was voted homecoming queen because I felt like it honestly could have been any of us. It’s a huge honor and I’m so grateful to have been voted by my peers. But I don’t think I’m more deserving of the title than the other girls. I think everyone was an excellent candidate; it’s just the way the cookie crumbled,” Shared Pestrue.

Dylan Luft, on the other hand, is the student council president, and member of the boys’ cross-country team. According to Luft, “I definitely didn’t think I would be the one who ended up winning, though I think it’s really cool being hoco king and I even get to keep the crown so I would say I’m quite satisfied.” Luft continued, “People might joke I rigged it as the student council president but in reality, I’m not allowed to see the votes; only Ms. Everitt is.” Luft closed, “I guess I would only have preferred to have Jenna be homecoming queen because I walked with her but Laney’s cool too.” 

Pestrue closed, “I feel like being homecoming queen is an even bigger honor than being prom princess last year since the whole school had the ability to vote during homecoming. However, I was extremely happy and honored to represent my class in both situations.”