SLHS Celebrates 2022 Homecoming with Powderpuff


Jaiden Dickman

Seniors Mikayla Haag and Ka’trina Harbor discuss their tactics part-way through the powderpuff game.

Olivia Good, Staff Writer

With homecoming week in full swing at the Shark Tank, it means it’s time for the St. Louis High School annual powderpuff game. The past few years the students haven’t had the traditional powderpuff experience, whether it be from Covid-19 or the weather conditions. This year, the game was full of tough plays, limited amounts of players, and other issues. However, the senior and freshmen team came away with a 23-22 win over the junior and sophomore team, things have been intense.

There were a lot of arguments between players, coaches, and referees. There have been a lot of mixed feelings of how the game went and how the game was handled. Junior Natalee Hoyt expressed some of her mixed feelings. “I thought the game was very fun. I liked how I got to hang out with girls in my own grade and the grade below. I believe that It was a very good learning experience and really taught me about keeping my composure and working with other people.”

 On the other hand, she was very sore after the game. “I had a hard time walking for a few days after the game,” said Hoyt. She commented that her favorite part was her grade being able to work together as a team and being able to hangout with people while everyone got to play football. However, there were a few things that Hoyt did not like about the game. “I feel like they went downhill quickly. The game got a little too physical to be a powderpuff game. Powderpuff is really about having fun and with the game being nasty, it wasn’t that much fun. There was a lot of unnecessary roughness,” she said.

Junior/sophomore lineman Lauren Gager had a lot to say about the powderpuff game. “Honestly, I wasn’t planning on playing powderpuff this year. When the coach came to me and expressed that the team needed more people I decided to play. I am very happy I did. I had so much fun playing the team and it was overall a very good and very fun experience. I was so sore after the game and for the next few days after it,” she commented. Gager’s favorite part of the whole game was being a team and working together. She really enjoyed hanging out with her grade and the grade before hers. She also didn’t like how rough it got and how physical it got. 

Overall, the game came to an end with the senior and freshmen team coming out on top with the win over the junior and sophomore team.