SLHS continues on the tradition of Volleybuff


Autumn Mann

Rj Macias jumps up as he hits the ball back into the juniors court earning the seniors a point.

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

Saint Louis Students take homecoming festivities very seriously. The first of the many traditions, took place Monday, Sept. 26 at seven p.m. The senior class ultimately came away with the win during the volleybuff game.

The senior class played in many close games throughout the night. Though small in number, the team had good communication and control both on and off the court. The student section for the seniors was the loudest and had lots of school spirit. 

Coming in second place were the juniors, a class that is very large in size. The team played well until their last two games against the senior class. The juniors were able to have many rotational changes as many members of the class showed up to represent their class. 

The sophomores and freshmen fell to the seniors and juniors. Even so, they had a lot of school spirit and tried to prove that their classes were the best. 

Line judge and Junior Kylie Acker said, “ I felt lots of pressure as a line judge, especially when it was 12 to 13 in the final game. I was happy to make close calls for the junior class. It was a fun night, and some intense games took place.” 

Junior Dominck Girard said, “ It was definitely an experience, to say the least, quite upset about my coach’s red card and the overall outcomes.” 

Coach and Junior Lucee Mikek said, “ I am really proud of the team for doing so much better than last year! There was definitely a lot of fun and exciting memories that I will have from this coaching experience.” 

Junior Josh Dew said, “ To be honest, I didn’t have any hope. I thought we were going to go o’ and three. However, we went out and competed and won multiple matches. I am glad I came out despite my injuries, and we are going to win it all next year.”  


Despite all of the underclassmen’s efforts, the Seniors came away with an undefeated win at Volleybuff.