SLHS Business Teacher Mrs. Biehl goes skydiving


Andrea Biehl

Mrs. Biehl prepares with her fellow divers to jump from the plane.

Tyson Head, Editor

Skydiving: It’s something most people want to do, yet are simultaneously terrified at the prospect of leaping from a plane, thousands of feet in the air, traveling over 100 miles-per-hour toward the ground. What could go wrong?

Last weekend turned out to be anything but ordinary when our very own Business teacher, Mrs. Andrea Biehl, had the pleasure of skydiving with her father. According to Biehl, “I got into the plane and was two miles in the air after 10 minutes. When we jumped we were able to freefall for about 40 seconds traveling 120 miles per hour towards the ground.” Plummeting to the ground at racing speeds, with the only device to stop you being able to fail at any moment, may sound dangerous. Yet, it is almost safer than an everyday car ride. One who skydives has a hardened professional with them, which cannot be said for your everyday cruise.

What started as a special birthday for Mrs. Biehl’s father turned into a life-altering experience when Biehl decided to take her father skydiving. According to Biehl, “My dad and I have talked about going skydiving for a few years and decided to make it happen on his 70th birthday.” Biehl continued, “He has always been up for an exciting new adventure.” And just like that, Mrs. Biehl and her father’s lives were changed forever. “I did a good amount of research on it beforehand and felt very safe. We were both super excited for the experience,” stated Biehl.

Both Biehl and her father were fastened to professionals who have gone skydiving themselves hundreds of times in order to ensure the safety of everyone. According to Mrs. Biehl, “My tandem instructor’s name was Michael. He was very nice. My dad jumped with Paulo.” Mrs. Biehl closed, “I would definitely like to go again at some point. It was such an amazing feeling.”