The mobile app that makes its users BeReal


Natalie Lemert

An SLHS student prepares to make her BeReal post for the day.

Natalie Lemert, Staff Writer

BeReal is the new social media used among students at Saint Louis High School. 

BeReal was created in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau. It’s an easy way to communicate with friends once a day, and show what is currently happening. Everyday,at a different time, BeReal sends out a notification to remind one to take the photo. The kicker is the photo has to be taken in the two-minute time-frame. It takes a picture of you and whats infront of you.Your friends are notified simultaneously to take a picture too, so you can see what they are doing. After your picture is taken and posted you can see what others are doing that day. 

The goal of this app is for users to be real with each other, to be unfiltered, and unedited. Because users only have two minutes to post, so they don’t have time to stage or edit a cute picture. Today there is a lot of pressure to have a picture perfect life, BeReal is trying to change that. Another unique feature about this app is that one can’t like or follow anyone, it’s not a huge popularity contest. It differs from other social media apps because there are no filters.

One complaint about BeReal, is that it goes off at inconvenient times, middle of class, or late at night. Junior Lillie Shattuck commented, “I like being able to show off what I’m doing whenever the BeReal goes off, except the fact that it goes off around midnight sometimes.”

Monika Borie stated, “I love BeReal. It’s so cool to see what my friends are doing.”

BeReal’s average rating is 4.8 stars, it is a fast growing and very popular app. Sometimes it notifies you during the most boring part of your day, which is the beauty of the app. It shows others how unedited you are, you don’t always have to be doing something cool. You can still post after the notification, it will just be marked late. Another cool feature of the app is the discovery tab, which allows you to see peoples pictures from all over the world. In order for the BeReal to be placed under the discovery tab, you will need to make it public, or else it will only be visible to your friends. 

A fun aspect of the app is the “RealMojis,” which is when you can take a picture of yourself to represent certain emojis. You can also use RealMojis to respond to your friends post!