SLHS fans are bringing all the pride to the Shark Tank


Autumn Mann

SLHS student section fills up the stands to cheer on the Varsity Volleyball team.

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

Saint Louis High School is known for its school spirit. There is always a big turn out for the school’s student section at all sporting events. The student section can be seen at all home football and volleyball games in the fall. The student sections’ goal is to help support and cheer on fellow Shark athletes. 

The student section takes up one section of the bleachers and members of the section can be seen dressing up for different themes. Each week the Shark Tank has a different theme, which is decided on for all of the students to follow at each sporting event. Another common sight within the student section are the signs made for the athletes. Many students bring signs to encourage their friends on the court and field. 

Senior member of the student section, Laney Pestrue said, “ Our student section is way smaller than it used to be, which is sad. We still try to be as loud as possible though, and I think it is really fun to be a part of the student section. My favorite cheers that we do are ‘Hey student section’ and ‘ I believe that we just won; although we don’t get to use the second one as often.” 

The student section always brings lots of positive energy to the athletic events whether the teams are winning or losing. The cheers are typically led by one or two students with responses for the rest of the section to reply to. 

Senior Payton Kuhn said, “ So far this year our student section has been bigger than normal. A lot of people have been showing up with lots of energy. This year more than any other, the upperclassmen have been calling out the underclassmen for not cheering. #ifyouarentgoingtocheergositwithyourmom.”

Senior Alexys Rodriguez said, “ This year I really like how engaged everyone is.” 

Junior Ben March said, “ The student section was very loud and noisy to cheer our team on. We were also able to cause multiple disruptions in the play calls and as the student section, that is the main goal. It was a shame our boys couldn’t get a win, but it was a fun night in the student section.” 

The student section’s next theme taking place for both the volleyball game and football games this week is a jersey out. All students are encouraged to show up and cheer on their SLHS Sharks.