SLHS Marching Band puts on a great show during half time!


Courtesy Photo

This picture highlights SLHS marching band, as they cross the field during their performance.

Olivia Good, Writer

Friday, Sept. 16, the Sharks football team lost to the Ithaca Yellowjackets, but the St. Louis High School Marching Band was in full swing. The show was Hard Rock and had the crowd head banging and singing their hearts out.

Director of the drumline, Derreck Jewell, had a lot to say about the show itself and the students who performed. “I think we had a great show. Our band looked and sounded great. This group of students is very hard working and puts in a lot of effort, and I think that showed a lot during the show,” commented Jewell. He really enjoyed the whole show and he enjoyed how the songs sounded. If he had to choose one, Derreck’s favorite song of the night would have to be “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne. 

Jewell thinks a lot of things went well that night. When asked what went well, he had this to say, “I think the students were very focused and did their jobs, just like we practiced for the past few months.” He thinks that the band will continue to refine the quality of their marching and get ready to add a new song to the show. 

Principal Ben Brock also attended the game and saw the performance. “The show was absolutely fantastic. Director Steve Lawhorne did a great job preparing our marching band. The early morning training and the wet grass helped our students overcome adversity and helped prepare them for their dynamite performance,” commented Brock. He really enjoyed the whole show, but his favorite part was being able to watch the entire group move in sync and with confidence as they played their hearts out. “The students had absolutely perfect weather. They are a group of motivated Shark Tank band members which equated to a fun and exciting performance,” said Brock. He thinks the show was absolutely perfect, and he did not see anything that needed to be worked on. Brock added, “As always, go Sharks!!”

The St. Louis High School Marching Band’s next performance will be Sept. 30, at the halftime of the football game where the Sharks play Millington for homecoming.