Netflix Adds Games


Autumn Mann

Laney Pestrue and Curtis Brashaw play the Netflix game “Head’s Up”.

Tyson Head, Editor

Netflix added games to its service Nov. 2021, to broaden the selection of entertainment.

Netflix has possessed user interactive specials for quite some time now, with entries such as the You vs Wild series, and Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale. However, it was the addition of Minecraft: Story Mode in late 2018 that caught people’s attention. This was the first step in ushering in a gaming service coupled with the $9.99 monthly subscription. 

In November of 2021, Netflix added genuine video games to their services. Yet, these were only mobile games, available exclusively on the mobile version of the service. The creators continuously add games monthly to the mobile gaming catalog. Though these games may look familiar to some, most, if not all of the games listed are knockoffs. These games consist of Moonlighter, Heads Up, Lucky Luna, Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, Krispy Street, and Exploding Kittens just to name a few.

According to Grant Bebow, “Netflix hasn’t been getting very good reviews on the past few movies they made, so I think it may have been a good decision to add games to their roster, even if they are only mobile games.” While these games may be small in their capabilities and minuscule in their impact, they are certainly a step toward the ultimate goal of turning Netflix into a one-stop-entertainment-shop; akin to that of Blockbuster

According to Cole Lombard, “Honestly almost everything Netflix has shelled out in the past decade has been horrible. I guess it only makes sense for them to start advertising games in exchange for a quick buck.”