SLHS Girls’ Golf gets first in their TVC at the Tri-Valley Conference


Courtesy Photo

The Golf team poses together after their Conference.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

The Varsity Girls golf team competed in a Tri-Valley Conference Aug. 31, at the Crooked Creek Golf Course in Shields. 

The team’s overall score wrapped third place up with a score of 410 and took first for the TVC 10.

Andrea Biehl, a teacher and the varsity girls’ golf coach shared, “I think we did very well! I am proud of my team and how well and hard they worked at this last meet. Personally, I don’t think I could have done anything else to have changed the outcome. However, I’m sure there are many things that we all could have changed.”

Jacie Burnham, a senior at St. Louis and on the varsity golf team, states, “I think I did very well and I am proud of myself and my teammates.”

Payton Kuhn, a senior at SLHS states, “I know absolutely nothing about golf. However, I am proud of the team and how well they have done this season!”

Lauren Devine, a sophomore says, “This season has been a little rough so far, but I’m glad that I joined the team this year.”

Although every meet provides the unexpected, the golf girls are excited for what is to come next.