SLHS Homecoming nominees of 2022


Rowan Harris

This picture highlights three out the four senior nominees.

Rowan Harris, Writer

The St. Louis Sharks have nominated who they want to serve as potential homecoming royalty! Voting for the nominees took place Sept. 7, with each grade spread throughout the school. The voting process was fairly simple with separate ballots for boys and girls given to each grade. After voting for who each grade wanted to be their representatives, the ballots were submitted and counted the same day. The following day, the SLHS office staff announced who was on the board for voting.

 For the freshmen, their nominees include Aeralyn Leonard, Payton Metzger, Maira Soto, Michael Borie, Hayden Shattuck, and Ryder Siefka. The sophomores followed, with nominees Annabelle Breen, Lauren Devine, Abby Dice, Colin Kuhn, Julian Orta-Vazquez, and Bryan Wing. The junior class’ nominees were Monika Borie, Rachel Jewell, Myah Pitcher, Dominick Girard, Ben March, and Charlie Lyon. Finally, the senior royalty include Jenna Abell, Izabelle Hrabal, Payton Kuhn, and Marlena Pestrue for the girls and Dylan Luft, Victor Parlove-Carrera, Thomas Zacharko, and Wisdom Zanquo for the boys.

Junior nominee Myah Pitcher was excited about her nomination. “To be honest, I didn’t really expect it, but I don’t know, it’s kind of a cool experience,” she shared. “It’s fun to do these type of interviews, and it’s fun to be kind of involved a lot more.” Pitcher then elaborated on what she would do if she won. “If I win, there’s only two weeks before homecoming, which doesn’t leave me enough time to shop for a dress. The dress selection is going to be down, but I’m kind of excited for the challenge of shopping late.”

The challenge of dress shopping isn’t the only challenge found in the homecoming preparations. Many students are caught up in choosing who they want to represent them as royalty, and they often have to choose between friends.

“It’s kind of a hard choice to choose between two friends,” junior McKenzie Smith reported. “It’s kind of awkward to talk about, and I don’t want to offend them.” Dress struggles and voting troubles are buzzing throughout the halls in preparation for homecoming, and the nominees are bearing the brunt of these questions.