SLHS welcomes back Alumni, Miss Austin


Autumn Mann

Miss Austin works with her students on lab in Chemistry.

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

Saint Louis High School students welcome new Chemistry teacher, Michaela Austin. The high school filled two science department positions this year. Miss Austin being the new chemistry teacher who also graduated from St.Louis high school. She attended Alma College and is currently taking classes at Saginaw Valley State University. Growing up Miss Austin liked school, but teaching was not her first career choice. She went to college for a degree in animal sciences. Later she found that she wanted to have a long-term plan that would impact future generations. For this reason, she applied to SLHS. 

Miss Austin hopes to prepare her students for the real world and be someone who her students can come to for advice and help. 

One thing that she is nervous about as a first-year teacher is learning and remembering all of her students’ names. 

When Miss Austin is not in the classroom, she enjoys working out, as well as going for walks with her dogs. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and family. Another hobby of Miss Austin’s is shopping. 

Rowan Harris, a Junior who is taking Honors Chemistry this year, said,” I think she has been doing very well especially considering that she is planning a wedding and attending college. It is a heavy workload, I think she has been doing very well with teaching the basics. Overall, I think that she is doing a very good job so far this year. 

Natalie Lemert a Junior is also taking Honors Chemistry and stated, “I think our new chemistry teacher is doing a good job. She is good at classroom management and controlling the classroom; she gives us a good amount of time to get all of the assigned work done. She is good at challenging us and pushing us to new limits.”  

Austin is an alumni from Saint Louis High School closed with, “I like being back where I graduated and meeting all the new students.”