New Drivers, New Nerves


Courtesy Photo

New driver, Olivia Good, poses beside her new car!

Rowan Harris, Writer

With the start of every school year, the parking lot goes from deserted to filled within a day, and new drivers are getting anxious. The stress of normal driving, the packed lot, and the construction all adds together to create a maze of worry for new drivers. 

Construction struck St. Louis like a plague, beginning June 27. The project aimed to deal with the water line, and was estimated to be finished around Labor Day. However, as many drivers, staff and students alike, can confirm, the project is not finished and won’t appear to be until around October.

Many St. Louis High Schoolers complain about the construction, whether it’s about how hard it is to turn into lanes or how the construction seems to shift lanes every single day. The construction is hitting student drivers pretty hard.

Lexie Thayer, a junior, commented on all the construction. “Well, I usually have no idea what the heck is going on,” she said, referring to the ever-changing road signs and cones. “I’m so confused, and I almost killed like ten people.” 

Another task for drivers is being able to manage traveling through the parking lot. Thayer added that, “It’s not really that confusing. I’m just worried about stealing someone’s parking spot. I don’t know where I’m supposed to park.”

The parking lot isn’t a struggle for some, though. Junior Myah Pitcher, another new driver, shared her experiences with driving and maneuvering the parking lot. “I think I’m confident enough to deal with all the navigation,” she shared. “I think it’s not that difficult to navigate the parking lot. It’s just a matter of watching where you’re going.”

Despite all the construction troubles and lot navigation, most drivers still prefer taking their own vehicles to school over anything else.