Unexpected Champions: The Equestrian Team


Courtesy Photo

Bethany Bowerman and Rebecca Ross pose with their horse after earning 1st place in their division!

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

The St. Louis equestrian team competed Aug. 27-28, at the Mount Pleasant fairgrounds. This competition went very well for both girls.  

Despite the rainy weather conditions, both Bethany Bowerman and Rebekah Ross gained points for their team’s overall scores. This helped to move them up in rankings for the division. Currently, they are in first place with 20 more points than Montabella. Bowerman said, “We overcame this obstacle as a team and pulled ahead of Montabella.” 

Ross, “The past competition was hard as we couldn’t use the main arena and run our gymkana events.” These are the events that both Bowerman and Ross perform very well in. The normal competition was not able to take place due to the rainy and muddy weather conditions. 

Ross also said, “Overall, I’m very pleased with how these past two meets have gone. I’m pleased with how Bethany and I as a team worked out.” 

The ladies’ next meet will take place Sept. 10, at the Mount Pleasant fairgrounds. This competition will include the events they have been performing as well as three rounds of speed events. The speed events that are listed are time-based events where the horse that runs the fastest gets the best place ultimately scoring more points to be added to the team total. If the girls take first or second at the district competition, they will advance to regionals.