SLHS Welcomes New Social Studies Teacher Mr. Scott Nehmer


Autumn Mann

Mr. Nehmer prepares for his next classes during his prep hour.

Tyson Head, Editor

Saint Louis High School Students were in for a pleasant surprise when the vacant position of the Civics/ Economics teacher was filled by none other than Mr. Scott Nehmer.

Filling in as the Civics, Econ, and World History teacher is no small task, especially on such short notice, but Nehmer aims to do right by the Sharks. According to Nehmer, “I can’t say if I’ll be an improvement but, I’ll do my best to be reasonable- what’s most important is that the kids learn.” Nehmer went on to say, “Right now I don’t have a favorite among my three subjects, but this may change by the end of the year. I generally enjoy teaching. My last teaching job was a really tough class, but my students came back and told me they were really glad they had the experience. I’m hoping to do the same here.”

Mr. Nehmer shared the story of how he became a history teacher; “I always liked history when I was a kid, but I never really knew where I was going to go with that. One day my dad asked me, and I said I was going to work at GM like him. He went on to tell me how GM may not be around when my turn comes and to think of other options, so I decided I really like social studies- and here I am.”

Nehmer has a long and colorful past of serving and studying at schools. Before St. Louis, Nehmer served as a full-time sub in Bridgeport and also taught in Fulton as well as East Detroit, where he taught about one year. In terms of education, Nehmer went to Saginaw Valley State University: where he studied Economics and Governement, Central Michigan University: where he received his Masters’ in History, and East Tennessee State University: where he obtained his archive certification. Mr. Nehmer even studied in Germany at the University of Jena, where he wrote a book on the history of Ford, General Motors, and Nazi Germany.

Nehmer closed, “I enjoy being around young people and seeing them put in work. Anytime I see a student do something well I enjoy it- I feel that’s the best of learning and teaching. Of course I care about grades, but I care a lot more about the students.”