SLHS Varsity and JV Volleyball bring pride to the Shark Tank!


Autumn Mann

SLHS Varsity Volleyball celebrates together as they take the lead against Michigan Lutheran Seminary.

Olivia Good, Writer

With the fall sports season underway, it means the St. Louis volleyball team is fully in action at the Shark Tank. Aug. 31st, against Michigan Lutheran Seminary, the Varsity girls kept the fans on their toes. The varsity team won three of five games on the night. 

Varsity coach Tiffany Diaz made the comment, “The girls fought hard tonight and never gave up.” Coach Diaz also spoke about how she believed that her team was very aggressive offensively, but they will be working on defense and moving their feet at the next practice. 

One thing that Coach Diaz believes that affected the team’s play was their mental toughness. “Even though our mental toughness was wearing thin tonight, we didn’t quit and kept fighting,” commented Coach Diaz. There were many outstanding performances on the night. “Josie Schrot stepped up to serve when we needed her the most. Also, Alexys Rodriguez is all around a reliable player and we can always count on her,” said Coach Diaz. 

With the Varsity season underway, that means the JV Sharks are also in action. The JV went up against MLS as well. The girls won two of the three games. After the game, JV Coach Kelly Thompson said that the girls overcame first-game jitters and played well. Coach Thompson commented, “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” There were many outstanding performances during the games. Coach Thompson made the comment, “We put a lot of pressure on Kerregan Wilson, but she excelled. Also, Maira Soto rocked defense even after overcoming an injury.”

The JV girls will be back in action Thursday, Sept. 1, at Lakeview High School starting at 5 p.m. The Varsity girls will be back in action Wednesday, Sept. 7, at Hemlock High School at 7 p.m.