St. Louis High School softball team dedicates a tournament in honor of Mrs. Hanline


Courtesy Photo

This picture shows off Mrs. Hanline posing with a wooden plaque in honor of her hard work and dedication.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

On May 21, 2022, the Coach Hanline Annual Grandslam Tournament dedicated to Robin Hanline was hosted at the St. Louis high school baseball field. The event was held before the championship game started which lasted a duration of about 10 minutes. 

In 1990, Hanline began her junior varsity coaching journey which went on for 22 consecutive years. Hanline then followed her stint as JV coach with eight years as the varsity softball coach. 

Hanline was not only an accomplished coach, but she was also a  talented athlete. In the duration of Hanline’s coaching career, she achieved 376 wins! As a student, Hanline was the first shark varsity softball player to receive all-state honors.

Hanline, “I thought this event was great! I am so appreciative and honored to receive this recognition! I really do miss coaching I retired as soon as my son had his baby. One thing that kept me coaching is my passion for the sport for sure! Something that was rewarding to see through out the years are the kids’ growing love and passion for the sport their playing.

This wasn’t a one-man planned event, in fact, multiple people helped make this happen. For example, Andrea Biehl, a junior varsity and varsity golf coach, had help piecing this ceremony together. A few days prior to the event, Biehl posted an announcement on Facebook giving out all the details of the event for former players and or colleagues to share past pictures as well. Overall, a good-sized group of friends, family, and former teammates and athletes showed up. During the event, Biehl presented a speech that included Hanline’s athletic and coaching accomplishments. After the speech was finished, Danielle Cody, Hanline’s daughter, presented her mom with a wooden plaque that was graciously crafted by Phil Maxwell.

 At the end of the day, I just really enjoy helping kids! A few of my proudest moments in my career are, when my team won the Tawas Tournement and won a district title in 2018.” As of now, Hanline can be seen helping out with softball related things, volunteering at youth camps, and spending time with her family.

Biehl adds, “Once Hanline retired from coaching, we couldn’t really celebrate her 30 years because it was right around when COVID-19 hit. Since this year felt like it was returning to normal, the community saw this as an excellent opportunity to host the event this season.” 

In high school, Biehl was on the softball team for four years. “As one of Hanline’s former athletes, I remember coach was not only supportive of me, but also my fellow teammates. She was one of the reasons why I fell in love with softball. Her passion and love for the sport was very admirable. One fond memory that I can recall is, after practice she would get in her car and and blare the song, “Here comes the hot stepper.” I always found that entertaining! I also remember her having a catch phrase where she would say, ‘come on’ with a deep and accented voice.”

Miranda Strong, a Varsity softball player at St. Louis High School stated, “I am really glad Hanline was presented this award. After all, she did coach for so long that she needs recognition. I think she is really deserving of this award because today she still helps out with softball related things!”

A special thank you to Kevin Kuhn, Jim Hrabal, Shane Muscott, Shane Shaw, and Eric Leonard who came in early to clear the water off the field before the event. “I am so grateful this ceremony was held even after it rained the night prior,” Hanline added. To close out an evening of commemorating Hanline, a small reception with cake was held at The Blue Shamrock with friends, family, and colleagues.