What does SLHS plan to do with their summer time freedom?

Jason Pierce, Writer

With summer break on the horizon and many people eagerly awaiting its arrival, students are beginning to make plans for what to do over break. Many will either spend their summer planning to travel or focusing on a personal goal such as keeping in shape. Other students might spend the summer being productive while working a summer job.

June 8, is the last day of the school year for students and it’s approaching quickly. It has passed by so fast that it feels like students still have another month or two, but this is it, the last few weeks of school. The day the seniors left was when many students were sent into shock that the year’s end is practically here. With this panic setting in, many students are beginning to seek out possible opportunities that are becoming available such as job openings. Junior Student Grant Bebow said, “I’m going to spend a fair amount of my summer time at work, saving for my future.”

Other students who aren’t quite as focused on a job may further pursue their education by attending summer school or getting an internship somewhere. While this is not the most appealing option to most students, it gives students the chance to make up classes they may have failed or to help study for a subject they’ll take at a college.

Those who neither want to work nor learn during the summer still have the choice to travel. When it comes to traveling during the summer, some popular places to go to could vary from a relative’s house to another country. “It was planned and scheduled for me to travel to Europe for the summer of 2020, but that was canceled due to covid, ” said one student. “I hope that I will have a chance to do it this summer.”