Seniors best moments at Saint Louis High School


Autumn Mann

This photo features one of the best memories of SLHS that the whole student body enjoyed.

Lilly Spencer, Writer

It’s that time of year when the seniors are getting closer to graduation and preparing to start their own lives. It’s always sad to see them go, so why not get to know their best moments in high school which were filled with happiness, proud accomplishments, humble moments, and all the funny things that happened within their four years. 

Some seniors like Craig Bebow’s best moments are silly and have little to no meaning. It is just something that sticks with him. Bebow said his best moment was, “getting Bernia to shave his beard because it showed that if you work hard enough and stay persistent anything can happen.” 

Other students like Nate March are proud of things they have accomplished in the past years as an athlete. “So I would have to say my best moment in high school was winning the state title as a senior. We didn’t lose to a single D-3 team all season, and I was all-state for the third year in a row. It was the perfect way to end my senior year of cross country,” saidMarch 

“My best moment was when I participated in Mr. St. Louis sophomore year. T I got to make the whole school laugh and I got a page in the year book”said Tristin Baker `

There are also those who are proud of what they were able to do as a student. Gaven Wenslik said, “my favorite memory in high school was going to the FFA state convention at MSU because I met a lot of new people and got to do a load of new things.”

These are moments that have been turned into memories for these young adults that will stick with them for the rest of their journey. These moments can be the reason they hold their head up and walk proud, or be the reason they silently smile/laugh to themselves.