Biggby is a bigg hit at SLHS!


Korah Honig

Ms. Kisser and two students enjoy their daily cups from the Biggby in St. Louis.

Korah Honig, Writer

Ever since the grand opening of the new St. Louis location Biggby, you can always spot students carrying their coffee around the school. They can’t get enough!

For the past few weeks, the drive-through has seemed to be full and people are always getting drinks. Junior Grant Bebow has been addicted to getting it and said, “My favorite drink is the Sparkling Pink Zip Mocktail. I’ve gone like once every other day, and I get it before church on Sundays.”

Administrative assistant Mrs. Shattuck has recently been hired to work there. Her reasons are that she loves coffee, and the pay will help with the off months during the summer. She said, “I think it’s beneficial to have a Biggby here because we don’t have any type of little coffee shop close by, and it’s really convenient with the drive-through.” She said that the employees are taught to make the coffee with love. She also commented on the fact that Biggby stands out because the coffee is super fresh. They grind the beans daily for coffee. Mrs. Shattuck said, “We are taught during training to really make it with love. You want to make the coffee taste amazing so when you give it to the customer they feel special. Every customer is an individual and should be treated as such.” 

Senior Kaylyn Collins loves coffee and is pumped with the new opening. She said, “I’m so glad that they decided to finally put a coffee shop in St. Louis. I no longer have to drive to Alma to get a good cup of coffee. With the location they chose, I know they will for sure be getting a lot of business with high school students. My personal favorite drink is the strawberry shortcake creme freeze. It includes: strawberries, lemonade, strawberry mix, and it’s blended with ice. Very refreshing for a warm day!”

Whether you like coffee, smoothies, or other fun drinks, Biggby is the place to be for St. Louis students! You can stop by to get a drink made with love, and there’s always BOGO on Wednesdays!