Is Brisk tea even that good?


Lilly Spencer

Bethany Bowerman takes a big gulp of one of her new favorite drinks.

Lilly Spencer, Writer

Who has heard of Brisk? It is a type of tea that is produced by the partnership between Pepsi and Lipton. Brisk tea was what took ice tea off the back porch and brought it to the urban areas. 

Even though Brisk is not as popular as it once was, students at St. Louis High School is still drinking it and buying them at lunch from 7 Eleven. Altogether there are 13 flavors, Pink Lemonade is the most liked flavor by the students here.

Freshman, Elliott Carter said, “ I haven’t really drank them before. Strawberry Melon is what I got, it’s not bad at all. Honestly, it tastes like normal pink lemonade.” “ Even though I have never drank Brisk before, I love it,” said Bethany Bowerman. Both of these two students have never had Brisk a day in their life before this school year. Their friends and those around them showed them the drink and helped them to understand how amazing the taste was. 

Both Morgan Leonard and Trenton Farkas have had Brisk throughout their lives. Farkas said, “Brisk is a good drink to switch it up with.” Meaning… when you make a gas station run and would like a beverage, but are tired of all the normal things go grab any flavor of Brisk. “I like Brisk because it is a simple drink that tastes very well.” Not only is it a simple drink, but it is a great beverage just like any other lemonade on a warm sunny day. 

If a company has pink lemonade most likely they will have lemonade. Brisk is no exception. Esmerelda Zapata said, “lemon is my favorite flavor. I feel like it is one of the least common brisk flavors.” Most people that want lemonade will just buy Minute Maid Lemonade. That’s because Brisk is not as popular as Minute Maid Lemonade for its plain lemon flavor. 

It’s good to know that even though this drink is not as popular as it once was, there are still people out buying it and keeping the Brisk life going.