SLHS Office Administrator Sara Shattuck works hard to keep the school afloat


Autumn Mann

Mrs. Shattuck works day in and day out to make the school work fluently day to day.

Tyson Head, Editor

Saint Louis High School’s Office Administrator Mrs. Sara Shattuck works day in and day out to make the school a better place. There’s always something great at the core of a working environment, whether it’s a good boss, good coworker, or an extra long lunch break. At SLHS, the crown jewel is the first thing you see when you enter the school: Mrs. Sara Shattuck

As the gatekeeper of the high school, Shattuck is considerably responsible for the safe haven called Saint Louis High School. Having before served as the long-time administrator at the middle school, Mrs. Shattuck is a relatively new addition to the staff at SLHS, yet she has already made quite the large impact. According to Shattuck, “My main job is to keep Mrs. March on track because we have a lot of responsibilities and distractions in the office.” As the power team here at SLHS, Mrs. Shattuck and Mrs. March said, “The only part (of our job) we don’t like is when students are disrespectful. They’re rude often and it makes our hearts unhappy when they don’t realize how much we care.” 

Being a staff member at SLHS isn’t an easy job, let alone being a staff member who has to regularly interact with troublesome students. According to Shattuck’s coworker, March, “Mrs. Shattuck is a pleasure to work with. She brings lots of good vibes to the office. She helps students a lot. Though sometimes we have to race to answer the phone when it rings, but she’s so fast I hardly ever win.” This just shows no workplace can thrive without a bitter rivalry working at its center. 

Being the heart and soul of the school, one might infer Shattuck quite likes her job. But what does she like most about her time here at SLHS? According to Mrs. Shattuck, “There are so many things I like about my job. I love helping students as well as giving them a hard time.” She continued, “My favorite part of the day is when Knauf comes in and I say, ‘Hi Knauf!’ and he rolls his eyes at me.”