Book Club reads to Carrie Knause and Nikkari Elementary Schools


Brooklyn Elsea

SLHS Student Sarah Corson reads to elementary students.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School’s Book Club went to Carrie Knause March 18, 2022, to read to grades kindergarten through second. During that reading, the SLHS donated three copies of an award-winning picture book titled Change Sings by Amanda Gorman. The three copies went to three grades. The Book Sharks went over to Nikkari Elementary School to read to third through fifth graders March 21. 

“I had fun reading to both schools; the students and staff members were super nice. One of my favorite things about the trip was being able to make the trip overall. The kids were adorable and super fun to read to, and I would love to do it again,” Ella Mader said. 

Sarah Corson said, “I did have a lot of fun reading to both of the schools. My favorite thing was getting the feel of what being in front of a classroom of kids will feel like because I would like to teach little kids. It was an overall fun experience, and I would absolutely do it again.”

The Book Club is run by Terri Reeves and Jordan Miller, and both have expressed their joy and pride in the trip to the elementary schools. “Mr. Miller and I were very excited with the turnout, both schools – including high schoolers – enjoyed themselves,” said Mrs. Reeves. “One of my favorite moments was watching the students read and hearing them come out of class talking about how they would enjoy being a teacher. Another moment would be donating the three copies of Change Sings to each grade level. Mr. Miller and I plan on making this an annual trip for Book Club, knowing what to expect next year.”

According to Mrs. Reeves, the Book Club expressed their exciting moments as they exited their classrooms, leaving the elementary students laughing and clapping. Many of the readers used funny voices and kept the students engaged, not afraid to show them a good time for a few moments during the reading of a  few books. Many of the elementary students showed their joy with the high schoolers, and many of them hoped to do it again next year.