A good idea with a horrible end product


Courtesy Photo

Theatrical poster for the movie: The Nun

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

As an avid horror movie lover, I am always excited to see a new one come out; especially if it is from the same universe as another horror movie. However, when a horror movie comes out with a lot of hype and no delivery, it upsets me a lot.

When The Nun started, I was waiting for some good exposition and decent scares, not knowing that the one hour and 36 minutes I would be there would be filled with endless unsatisfying jumpscares. Each jumpscare encountered were so predictable that I had them down to the last second. There were points in the movie that I thought “Man, if they wanted to be extra cheesy they would…oh look they did.” It was so bad, that during points where it was trying to be really serious and scary, I found myself laughing out loud.

Adding to The Nun’s horrible jumpscares, each character you meet, you don’t care the least about, except maybe a delivery man named Frenchie (Jonas bloque). The producers also try to fill the run time a bit by adding some backstory to each character, but the backstories are so poorly written that you just don’t care at all.

Topping off the nonsense, of a movie, is the script. The script is so lazily made it seems like it was written by someone only cared about jumpscares and not actual dialog. Then there were the decisions made in the movie by the characters. The decisions are so dumb that you have to wonder if the producer even cared about the characters or if the characters themselves in this movie were trying to get killed. I guess the best part of the movie for me was the credits because it meant I didn’t have to sit and watch movie anymore.