SLHS Senior Leah Chvojka Awarded ACE Scholarship


Courtesy Photo

Leah Chvojka poses with a sign showing off her future college with the Alma Scotts.

Tyson Head, Editor

The Alma College Community Engagement Scholarship, or ACE Scholarship, was awarded to Saint Louis High School’s own Leah Chvojka February 11.

The ACE Scholarship is exclusively awarded to seniors graduating from Gratiot, Isabella, or Montcalm County. One of the most prestigious scholarships in the state, a maximum of 13 students are chosen per year to receive this scholarship, which includes full tuition, 13-18 credits per year. Tuition is also covered for the cost of two spring terms at Alma. This totals roughly $145,000 in tuition over four years.

According to Chvojka, “The application process included three levels: level one was applying, level two was advancing onto an interview if you are chosen, then level three you are either denied or receive the award.” Two letters of recommendation are also required, as well as a certain set amount of community service hours required in order for Chvojka to continue receiving this scholarship. Chvojka also attended a dinner where she met President Jeff Abernathy among other important Alma College figures.

According to Alma College, “The ACE Scholar program aims to foster a sense of belonging, while encouraging student reflection about civic responsibility as a form of vocational exploration, as well as create a sustainable relationship between Alma College and local community partners.” It’s an honor for Chvojka to qualify for the award and a certain honor to the district for one of its own to receive such an exclusive scholarship.