St. Louis Boys Basketball finishes season at district tournament


Shark Scene Staff

The basketball team gathers part-way through their game.

Aaron Bowerman, Staff Writer

The St. Louis boys’ basketball team finished out it’s season in the second round of the district tournament March 9, at St. Charles. 

The boys had had a tremendous victory during the first round of playing against St. Charles, which they beat by a score of 70-41. This was an even greater feat when it is taken into consideration that there was nearly zero support from the students that evening. As Ellie Gager stated, “It was really shocking that there wasn’t much support at the first game of districts. I figured since St. Charles wasn’t too far away, then more people would show up. I’ve always loved going to the basketball games and supporting the boys in any way that I can. Even though there were a few people that showed up, we were still just as loud as a filled student section. I wanted to be the loudest I’ve been at a basketball game to cheer on the boys, and I believe that paid off after they won the game.” 

As the team moved on to the second round of the tournament, they had to face rival Ithaca. The Sharks have played the Ithaca Yellow Jackets three times previously in the season. Going into this game would be hard, as Demetrius Alspahough stated, “We stood a decent chance if things go right.” Thankfully there was a larger student body there to help support the guys. 

Unfortunately, the Sharks ended up losing 66-54. The game was kept close between the Sharks and Yellow-Jackets, with a changing lead periodically up until the fourth quarter. However, the Jackets started a run that the Sharks just couldn’t come back from. It has been a long season for the Sharks who finished 2-25.