Sharks’ IVD Places fourth at Larry’s Performance RC in mid-season competition


Courtesy Photo

Sharks IVD prepares for the competition by working on their RC cars.

Aaron Bowerman, Staff Writer

 The St. Louis Innovative Vehicle Design club placed fourth at the mid-season competition hosted by Larry’s Performance RC in Detroit Monday, March 1, 2022.

The club has been preparing for the opportunity to compete all year long, and this is their second official competition of the year. Advisor for the group Mr. Burleson commented, “We placed fourth out of 12. Two years ago we placed third. We are always competitive in our division.” IVD is truly beginning to build a legacy for St. Louis High School.

While at Larry’s, IVD competed against a tough field of  12 other teams, including: Reece, Divine Child, Clinton, and Roseville. The team raced in the mid-season competition taking a tough fourth place. Individuals competing on the day include: Jaycee Best, Noah Buchanon, Will Tuzas, Will Wood, Kiernan Hougaboom, and Kenny Baker. With such a diverse group of people, adventure was sure to take place. Kenny brought forth a very interesting story on the day. He said, “I was marshaling, the act of turning over flipped and crashed cars. While I was on the track, one of the cars went off a ramp and into the air and straight for my face.”

The club has one final season event at Kettering University. There they hope to place in the top third of the racing field.