Fashion Dilemma: Skinny Vs. Baggy Jeans


Maria Puga-Trevino

SLHS students show case the difference in style of jeans.

Autumn Mann, Editor

Fashion is displayed throughout St. Louis High School every day. Most students have their own unique sense of style. Yet, every single day fashion is changing. One noticeable change that stands out the most is the fight over whether skinny or baggy jeans are better. However, who or what decides when these pieces of clothing are overrated or outdated? 

Skinny jeans have been around for many many years. Everyone at one point has bought a pair of jeans that fit just like skinny jeans. Numerous Gen-Zers have decided that wearing skinny jeans can be seen as basic and might turn some really cool outfits into something boring. Furthermore, skinny jeans can feel uncomfortable if they don’t fit perfectly. Skinny jeans can be uncomfortable due to how tight they are around the legs. 

Additionally, and somewhat stereotypical, most skinny jeans are targeted to people who are on the thinner side than people who are plus-sized. Plus-sized people tend to be ignored when it comes to the fashion side of wearing skinny jeans. 

Skinny jeans also don’t come in many different colors. The standard color for skinny jeans is dark blue. On the other hand, skinny jeans can make getting ready and creating an outfit faster and easier for people. Skinny jeans can be seen as more flattering and more of a desire to people. It’s a pair of pants that people can wear without feeling like they are being drowned within their clothes. 

As the fashion industry grows, so does the decline in skinny jeans, and the rise of baggy jeans comes into the light. A junior at SLHS, Juliana Meza expressed, “I personally like skinny jeans more because they are cute and more comfortable to me.” 

Baggy jeans are meant for everyone and they fit every body type. They’re made in many styles. For example, baggy jeans can come in high-waisted or low-rise. Baggy jeans are found to have anywhere from simple blue jeans to crazy jeans with cool patterns and colors. They can be fitted around the waist or completely baggy throughout the whole pants. Baggy jeans are seen as the cooler pair of jeans. With baggy jeans, one can dress up or dress down while still looking cool and put together. 

Anyone can wear baggy jeans and still look great. Not only are they seen as aesthetically pleasing, but they are also comfortable. Baggy is a great way to dress up one’s outfit while still being comfy. 

However, baggy jeans do have their faults. Some people may not choose to wear baggy jeans because it may make them feel or look bigger than they actually are. One might also feel like the jeans may be too big and feel like they are getting lost in the pants. Remember the baggier the pants, the better they feel! 

Another Junior at SLHS Mikayla Haag also expressed, “I love wearing both jeans. However, lately, I have been wearing baggy jeans more because they are comfortable, and they also make my outfits look cooler and aesthetically pleasing to wear.”  

Who is even wearing skinny jeans or baggy jeans? Although these jeans are made for any age range and anyone who wants to wear them, there is a divide in the style. It is seen that many people who wear skinny jeans are mainly popular kids or athletes in high school. Skinny jeans fit into the style of VSCO while baggy jeans fit into the e-boy/e-girl aesthetic and even into a hippie look as well. Those who wear baggy jeans usually are skaters or people who tend to put a lot of effort into fashion trends. Furthermore, it is Gen-Z who has seemed to push away skinny jeans and bring baggy jeans to the center of fashion. 

TikTok is the main reason why baggy jeans are becoming popular. Many social influencers have also been an influence on fashion like Emma Chamberlain and Bella Hadid. 

According to Dylan Dooling, a writer at stated, “Many fashion styles come from trends which usually build peoples outfits. For example, a popular one was the VSCO style which involved skinny jeans. Although this was a very popular trend, you usually do not see many people wearing skinny jeans as of 2022. Many fashion trends contain baggy clothes with baggy jeans. They say it feels more comfortable and looks better. People also say wearing baggy clothes makes them feel less insecure about their bodies due to the fact it doesn’t present your body structure as much as skinny jeans would.”

Nonetheless, don’t let social norms stop you from wearing what makes you comfortable. When it comes to fashion, wear what you like and don’t let norms or people tell you what you can and can’t wear. Fashion is open to everyone and what normalized rules aren’t made to be broken? Stereotypes are meant to be grown out of. Fashion isn’t determined by size, looks, or who you are. Dress how you feel and do what makes you confident and comfortable.