Is Dove Cameron’s Song Really Worth The Time?


Autumn Mann

A SLHS student begins to listen Dove Cameron’s new song “Boyfriend.”

Lilly Spencer, Writer

Dove Cameron released her new song, “Boyfriend,” February 11, 2022; the song first aired as a TikTok snippet, but then quickly blew up, and she turned it into a full released song.

When Cameron released the snippet on Tik Tok it quickly blew up and became a trend for mostly queer women. The trend currently has 465.6k videos. It is a very simple trend that consists of queer women singing the song and midway through, they change their clothes. 

Freshman, Bethany Bowerman said, “I think that the trend is a bit non-school appropriate and seductive.” I wouldn’t say that the trend is non-school appropriate, but yes, it does have a kind of seductive feeling to it.  

The song is not horrible. The tone of her voice and the beat go well together, but the lyrics themself are something I particularly do not find enjoyable to listen to. The lyrics are about how she could be a better boyfriend and how the current boyfriend is worthless. Her lyrics are very repetitive and they don’t tell much of a story. Phoenix Shaw said, “I will never listen to this song again. There is nothing about it that is remotely good.” Personally, I agree with Shaw, but everyone has his or her own taste in music. Even though the song is not my jam, it flows very well making it not a bad song. 

Abby Dice said, “ I don’t really listen to her music, but I thought it was pretty cool. I feel that this song is cool because of the beat. Cameron has mostly sung songs for Disney, that is why I feel the song is catchy, because Disney wants their songs to be catchy and to stick in too little kids. That is why Cameron’s songs are catchy, not good because she knows what society wants and how to get a song to stick.  

Pronouns are another thing that is heavily used when making music. Most of the time artists will use the pronouns that relate to them in the song. Junior, Autumn mann said, “In her song, she does not use pronouns at all.” This is a good thing because this allows anyone to sing this song and feel as if it is what they are feeling. 

In the end, the song is not great but it’s okay. The lyrics are not good and they repeat way too much. The beat is the key to the song. It has a good rhythm and makes it catchy. I feel as if the whole song is for queer women in love with straight girls. Once again, not really something I would want to spend my time listening to.