Best Adam Sandler movie of all time!

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Adam Sandler is one of America’s best comedian actors. His movies are full of jokes, stupidness, laughter, happy endings, and hilariously inappropriate humor. Some of these movies are: Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and Click. Most of his movies have similar storylines which makes it hard to pick which one of his movies is the best. Click is for sure my second favorite but, Happy Gilmore is number one just because of the fact he simply played the role of Happy so well. 

Happy Gilmore is about a man named Happy who wants and tries so hard to become a hockey player, but ends up being very good at golf. When he was a boy, his mother left him and his father due to his father’s obsession with hockey. Shortly after that, his father was hit in the head with a hockey puck and died. Since both his parents were out of his life, he was forced to go live with his grandmother. His grandmother proceeded to raise him by herself in Waterbury. 

After the movie shows him going to live with his grandmother, it jumps into Gilmore living in his own apartment with his girlfriend Terry. She leaves him because he is turning into his father and can’t get a real job. Once she leaves the building he gets on his intercom and starts to yell and argue with her, but the moment he realizes she is gone, he starts to lick the intercom and be very odd with it. While he is doing this, an elderly Asin lady hears him. This leads to her staying the night with him and is never seen again.  Raman Frye said, “This part of the movie is definitely the weirdest, but it’s a good way for the directors to show Sandler’s weird funny humor.”

The next morning he gets a call from his grandmother about her house being taken since she had not paid her taxes. This forces Gilmore to place his grandmother in a retirement home with a man who does not like elderly people. Happy then tries to get a job to get the money to get the house back since it was the house his grandfather built. This is when Happy gets into golf and where he meets a lot of people who help him. 

Chubbs is a retired golfer who helps Gillmore win the money and get his grandmother’s house back. Chubbs lost his hand to an alligator that ate his golf ball many years before meeting Gillmore. Gillmore tries to show his appreciation to Chubbs so he kills the alligator and puts the head in a box. Chubbs is caught off guard and falls out his window causing him to die.

 Happy also meets his girlfriend who helps him keep his anger under control so that way he can stay in the competition. “I think it was funny because it gives a good twist on the movie,” said Jon Ludwig.

Eventually, after winning a lot of checks from the golf tournament, he had enough money to bid the highest bid to buy back his grandmother’s house. This leaves the movie ending with Gilmore and his grandmother hugging in the front yard with Gilmore’s girlfriend in the back coming to join them. Up above the house, there is the alligator, Chubbs and Abraham Lincoln waving at the camera. They could not have ended this movie any sweeter. Especially having all the people who helped Gilmore save his grandmother’s house all in the last shot of the movie.