Shark Scene Love Letters <3


Korah Honig

Abby Francisco poses for a Valentine’s photoshoot after spending her weekend celebrating Galentine’s with her friends.

Here lies the love letters that came straight from the heart of SLHS students.


Dear Zoey,

I miss you and I hope that we can talk again. I hope you know I will always have your back, and I will just be a phone call away.

From, Soto


Dear Rebekah,

You have been the greatest supporter and girlfriend I could ever ask for! You have helped me in so many ways that I didn’t even know was possible. I never thought in a million years that I would be dating the girl of my dreams. I love you so much, beautiful. 

From, Seth


Dear Aaron Bowerman,

Your Mom!!!!!!!



From Nate March ;-P


Aaron B,

I love you

From, Demetrius


Braden Ball,

You’re a cutie.

From, anonymous


Nate Moore,

You’re cool.

From, Andrew


Dear Cole Acker, 

CJ I love you so much, but our love is forbidden. One day we will love again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in another life. 

From, Craig Bebow


Dear Adry Munoz,

Athena, I <3 u so much. You’re every bit as beautiful as the Greek goddess you’re named after. I hope you have a very special St. Valentine’s Day.

Love, Tyson


Dear Aaron,

I would write you a letter but you suplexed me.

From, anonymous