SLHS Welcomes a Donation Made Out of Cheese Graters?


Maria Puga-Trevino

This picture features the shark display that can be found at the front entrance of SLHS.

Lilly Spencer, Writer

St. Louis High School has reserved a shark made out of cheese graters and is located at the front entrance of the school. It was donated by Justin Doux, but the case was made by Mr. Maxwell and 15 of his woodshop students. A big confusion is that Mr. Maxwell was the one to sculpt the shark when he really knew nothing about it. The shark was donated in 2020, but the case was made in January 2021. 

The Shark is welded out of cheese graders, but it means more to the school and students than just being a metal shark. To some, it might be a symbol of strength or a symbol of unity. To others, it might be a school spirit mark of some sort. The reason that it is seen as a symbol of strength is that cheese graters are working together to make a masterpiece. Or it’s a symbol of unity because there are so many things that make up one whole piece.

Braden Ball said, “I think the shark is a very cool way to show school spirit. We never had anything like that at my old school, and that’s why I like St. Louis so much!”  This shark is a cool way for St. Louis schools to be unique and stick out. Also, it shows that the school has great school spirit. 

On the other hand, there are students like Chaz Spencer who mentioned, “it’s stupid.” How can that be when it is a form of art. All art has a meaning or a message of some sort. Students need to appreciate art. 

In the end, the shark is a great way to show many things about the school. It gives students the opportunity to look deeper into an object for what it represents.