SLHS Lunch Ladies make a Difference


Korah Honig

The SLHS Lunch Staff strive to make a difference for students.

Korah Honig, Staff Writer

The ladies working in the lunchroom are working hard to not only prepare food, but also make students’ days. 

Freshman Tekoha Henry was refreshed coming into high school having such welcoming people serving food. She said, “The lunch ladies always greet me in the morning and always say good luck for my games. You can really tell that they care about the student body.”

“It’s a good start to my day going to get breakfast, and that they are in good moods and I can joke around with them,” she added. The staff includes Darlene and Amber Campbell, Sarah Graves, Nellie Pierce, and Karah Shattuck. 

One familiar face to the students is Sarah Graves. She usually serves hot food at lunch. She is a personable and friendly person to all students, and her favorite part of her job is connecting with them. Her favorite food to prepare is a popular meal at SLHS: popcorn chicken. What really makes her stand out as an employee is that students can tell that she is passionate and loves what she does. She said herself, “Oh I love my job. I love the kids; I love the hours, and I love that I don’t have to deal with adults.”  The lunch staff starts their day bright and early, at 6 a.m. and are off work at 1 p.m.

Student Demetrious Alspaugh enjoys chatting with the “hot food lady”, Sarah Graves, every morning while getting his breakfast. He commented, “The food has been really great this year, and I love to joke around in line. One thing I do miss is the Belvita crackers, but other than that, it all has been very top notch all year.”

Go through the line for breakfast, second breakfast, or lunch to get good food and welcome arms.