What to do on a St. Louis Snow Day


Autumn Mann

A group of SLHS students take advantage of their day off and play in the snow together.

Autumn Mann, Editor

With winter comes snow days… Now, what is something a student can do on a snow day? 

Obviously, homework is always an option but knowing teens, are we really going to choose homework? Most likely not. So, what are some things one might do besides just sitting on the couch?

One thing you could do is go sledding or have a snowball fight with your friends. Just remember, you are never too young! Another thing you could do is read or maybe even create a Valentine’s card for someone special in your life. Cupid can only do so much. 

Now, maybe you want to do something productive. You could clean your room or do your laundry but that’s not very fun. 

Maybe you are looking to do something to get your mind off of things. One thing you could do is write in a journal or maybe even listen to a podcast (while cleaning your room. Your parents would thank me). You could also even paint something or even create some jewelry! 

Playing games isn’t always the best thing to do, but that is something. Some may also enjoy binge-watching the latest Netflix show. Honestly, you could even create a great escape from life by creating a fort with blankets and whatever supplies you have on hand. 

Mikayla Haag enjoyed her snow day by reading and catching up on her sociology homework. Haag expresses, “Although I do love my extra hours of sleep, I do miss my friends on my day off. On snow days, I love to read and make dinner for my family. Getting a day off from school can be like paradise depending on who you are.” 

Another student at SLHS, Ashton Leonard stated, “During my day off, I spent the day ice fishing, which is way better than having to go to school.” 

Grant Bebow expressed, “On my day off, I went to my friend’s house, and then afterward, went with da boys to be B-Dubs and to target.”