SLHS Model U.N. competes in their first competition regrading world peace


Courtesy Photo

This picture captures Aaron Bowerman and Curtis Brashaw preparing for their competition to defend their case for Saudi Arabia.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

The St. Louis Model U.N. team went to the RESD in Ithaca Jan. 6, to compete in their first competition of the year against Ithaca and Alma. 

Model U.N. is an academic competition where students are given a country. Whatever country that is given to them they have to research the topic related to that country’s persona. Students will then present a resolution and work as a team to get this resolution passed. St. Louis represented multiple countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, and the United Kingdom.

The students who participated in this activity were Aaron Bowerman and Curtis Brashaw as Saudi Arabia, Lexie Thayer and Rowan Harris as Russia’s delegation, Mikayla Haag and Jaszmin Harbor as the India’s delegation, and Mckenzie Smith and Evelyn as the United Kingdom’s delegation.

This club is not only a place for learning but also a lot of fun. Brashaw said, “After Lexie and Rowan read off their opening speech, Germany’s delegation asked, ‘Are you attempting to reinstate the Soviet Union?’ Which was responded with a roar of laughter in the room.” It’s good for students to be in an environment where both humor and learning are happening, and that is why it is a good club for those who enjoy history. 

Throughout the day, there were multiple occurrences where something funny came up or someone said something worth laughing over. The other occasion was when Bowerman and Brashaw had hinted that if the Middle East conflict isn’t resolved, oil production will be largely affected. So, in response, Germany’s delegation asked them if they were “threatening the world’s oil supply.” Funny things like this happen a lot during model U.N. competitions. 

Sometime in March will be when their next conference will be held. The topic will be the environment. Overall the Model U.N. team is full of smart and creative people.