Fans fight for Andrew Garfield to get a chance of redemption as Spider-Man

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

Andrew Garfield was put into the spotlight after a seven-year hiatus from the Marvel Universe. On December 17, 2021, Garfield was cast as none other than Peter Parker himself— along with the other Peters: Toby Maguire and Tom Holland. Was his taste of redemption in Spiderman’s No way home good enough for him? Or is he willing to push his luck further?

It’s challenging to live up to Toby Maguire’s legacy. After all, Maguire’s first Spider-Man movie was the first to hit 100 million its first week. Also, his sequel is known as one of the best marvel movies of all time. 

As a kid, Garfield’s dream was to play Peter Parker in a Spider-Man movie. With his wish coming true in 2012, it must have been an exhilarating high for Garfield, right? Not exactly, after Garfield’s second movie debut, his movie didn’t hit the box office as well as his predecessor, Toby Maguire’s did. Shockingly enough, Garfield was the first, and only Spider-Man who couldn’t make the trilogy title. Even though Garfield did match the comic book Spidey as being a handsome but nerdy high school kid, having a swoonfulness for Gwen Stacy, whilst trying to save the world from unknown terrors, sadly, it just wasn’t enough for his fans. 

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Garfield enters a scene with Peter’s best friend and “guy in the chair,” Ned, and his Girlfriend, Michelle Jones (MJ) in the middle of a  hilarious act of trying to find their Peter. After a few words were spoken, Parker realizes and explains that he is in a different universe, and is in fact Spider-man, just not theirs. After being told this, both MJ and Ned look for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. However, none other than Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker shows up… but in street clothes? The newly acquired group sets off to find their “Peter” after Garfield’s hilarious remark toward Maguire’s wardrobe attire. 

Later on in the movie, Garfield’s Peter Parker had a touching encounter with Michelle Jones, which became his signature scene. This heartfelt scene left fans not only shocked but happy for the “closure” he got from it. After that, Garfield realizes his fans were happy for him getting the love he deserves and realizes that his role of being Spider-Man has some unfinished business. Garfield realizes that he is open to playing Peter Parker again. “It’s a character that’s always going to be meaningful to me, and so beautiful to me, and again, it goes back to service,” he told ET. He continues, “… I’m very, very open, but it would have to be very, very meaningful and fun, and joyful, like doing No Way Home was.”

Bryce Francisco and Alexander Hardy both agree they would enjoy seeing Garfield featured or starring in a Spider-Man movie. Yet, it would be quite out of the blue, considering Tom Holland has taken over the role. Nonetheless, they think it would be enjoyable for Garfield to have one more go-round. Francisco and Hardy added, “Sure, it would be quite unusual to have Garfield back, but at least he will have a taste of what he deserves.”

The future is interchangeable. Will Andrew Garfield re-enter the spotlight as Spider-Man? Or will he have to walk away with his hand-made web-shooters? Only time will tell!