Disney’s Encanto is Enchanting Viewers


Courtesy Photo

Promotional image of the Madrigal family from Encanto posing with their magical talents.

Korah Honig, Writer

The highly anticipated movie Encanto was released Nov. 24, and fans couldn’t get enough of it. Since its appearance on Disney Plus, it has gained a lot of traction and popularity, and now fans are begging for an animated series.

The movie has been widely loved for many different reasons: the bright colors, amazing animation, the Columbian representation, the songs, and much more. The plot focuses on the Madrigal family which lives in the magical house Casita. Each family member has a special power from super-strength to weather manipulation, to flower power. One member of the family stands out from the rest: Mirabel. How could someone stand out from a family with magical powers each unique and different? Mirabel never gained a power. Encanto follows her journey of trying to preserve Casita’s magic all while uncovering the mystery of a family member’s disappearance. 

The movie is tied all together with the wonderful music written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is widely known for his works in Hamilton, Moana, and In the Heights. The Encanto album has also topped billboards. It surged to number 1 on billboard 200 chart and dethroned Adele’s ‘30’. This has been the first time a new album has reached that spot in two years. This movie has also helped Lin-Manuel Miranda to move to the top spot on the Hot 100 Songwriters chart.

Kaylyn Collins loved the music. She said, “I’d say my favorite song from the movie is “We don’t Talk About Bruno,” it is just so full of energy. The movie as a whole was entertaining, one of the best Disney Movies this past year. Disney is stepping up and creating amazing movies that include problems we face in the real world.” She also commented, “My favorite part of the movie is definity the animation of the house. It brings so much character on how magical it actually is. 

Additionally, Disney has been stepping up in its representation. In recent years we have gained a Polynesian princess with Moana, the Southeast Asian princess Raya, an Italian cast for Luca, and Soul brought in Disney’s first primarily black cast and lead. Junior Evelynn Gutierrez appreciated the Columbian representation that was shown in Encanto. She said, “When I first watched Encanto, I was really surprised to see a lot of similar situations in a standard Mexican household. I personally could relate to the older sister of her family relying heavily on her and how she didn’t understand that it was okay to take a break. I have also seen among my family the pressure from other family members whether it be from grandparents like Abuelita or from our own parents. Because many Mexican Americans are first-generation from immigrant parents which relates to how Abuelita did all she could to protect her family and had the miracle. The movie overall did a good job of showing how many Mexican households care about their families but also have a very strong pressure on them to keep that protection.” 

One movie apparently wasn’t enough for the viewers. Fans are begging for an animated series on Disney Plus, and it seems as though the producers agree. Jared Bush, a writer and director on Encanto, has said in an interview that a series is the “right thing to do” and that fans should “start writing letters” to the studio now. Lin-Manuel Miranda has also said that he wants a show made and that he already has some ideas, specifically centering around the character Delores. 

Disney Plus show or not, Encanto is a masterpiece in and of itself. You can watch it on Disney Plus and enjoy the magic.