St. Louis High School Wrestling team participates in a Clean Cut Fundraiser


Korah Honig

Justin Rodriguez and Nate March pose together after earning a shirts for their awesome hair cuts that went towards fundraising the wrestling team.

Korah Honig , Writer

The Saint Louis Boys Wrestling team are getting new hairdos to raise money for the wrestling program.

A couple of parents told Mr. Kuhn that they would donate $25 per haircut if the wrestlers participated. Kuhn then approached the team and asked if they would be willing to cut their hair to raise money for the program. The team of course said yes, wanting to help build the program.

One freshman was known for his luscious long locks of hair–Genaro Soto. You could always see him walking the halls with his two braids. He commented, “When I first heard about this fundraiser my first thought was dang I really love my hair, but it sometimes gets in the way. So I said I’d do it as long as the team does it. I also really appreciate everyone participating and most of all I like my haircut.” 

It wasn’t an easy choice for all though. A haircut is temporary but pride lasts forever. Senior Captain Braden Ball said, “I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea because I liked my long hair, but it was for the team, and it didn’t end up looking that bad.”

Some didn’t mind getting their haircut. Senior first-time wrestler Aaron Bowerman is known for his many crazy cuts and saw it as an opportunity to have a new one. He shaved his head but left a rat tail in the back. He said, “I have never understood the obsession with having a clean-cut, if a person truly knows you, they won’t care how you look or what you wear.”

These funds will be stored away for postseason expenses.