SLHS Senior Libby Munderloh signs with Central Michigan University to pursue her future running career!


Courtesy Photo

This picture highlights Senior Elizabeth Munderloh signing with her future college at Central Michigan University.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Senior Libby Munderloh signed with Central Michigan University on Dec. 6 to run track and field along with cross country with a four-year scholarship.

 “I’ve always wanted to compete at the Division one level,” said Munderloh. With this being her dream and CMU giving her a chance to make her dream a reality, she took it. She did not really start getting into the recruiting process until around the summer of 2021. One of the first schools that she got in contact with was CMU. She was not serious with them until she went to visit the campus. 

A big thing to have at a school is a good staff. When a school has a good coaching staff, it actually makes students want to attend that school. That is what happened to Munderloh, and made her excited to have a chance to train there. She likes the dorms and how they put in the effort to keep the school spirit alive. However, the most important thing, above all others how they make sure that their athletes are taken care of. 

Her visit occurred at the end of this past cross-country season. With her living close to Mt. Pleasant her whole life, it makes the thought of going there less scary. She knows where the school is located in the town, which is a big positive and will make getting around a lot easier. She really likes the familiarity of the campus and knowing her way around. Even though she likes the thought of going to a college close to home, it was not always like that. 

She never really saw herself running for CMU in the past. Instead, she saw her younger self moving across the country and attending a school on the West Coast. When she was younger she did not want to be close to home. Yet as time passed, she started to think that staying in Michigan was more for her. In the end, she signed because of the potential that the coaches saw in her. 

“It is a tremendous honor to get the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level,” said her high school coach Mr.PuffPaff. This is something that Libby has worked for, for years. Her hard work and dedication to sports are finally paying off. CMU has a rich tradition of success with good coaches. Mr. PuffPaff said, “Libby will fit in well and continue to find success and grow in the sport.”