St. Louis High School celebrates Christmas with a assembly that was one to remember!


Autumn Mann

Bethany Bowerman during her awesome one person performance for the Christmas mock rock!

Lilly Spencer , Writer

St. Louis High School held a Christmas assembly Dec. 16. This was definitely one to remember, especially with Bethany Bowerman’s performance. Along with the PomPon team, Gabby(Grant Bebow) sang Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You”, The staff versus students dodgeball tournament, and many different games that students participated in. All of these activities had their own little something to make the assembly fun and enjoyable.

Kerregan Wilson shared, “My favorite part was Bethany Bowerman’s performance.” Many other students agree with Wilson on Bowerman’s performances being the best. She went out there and put a big smile on the student body’s faces. She didn’t know what she was going to do, she had no script, she went out there and was herself. 

Even though the Poms team had a little mess up with their music, they still pulled it together and did an excellent job. At the end of their performance, they made a Christmas tree with their poms. A lot of people would have said that the tree was their favorite part of their performance. However, for Bryce Francisco, his favorite part was their whole routine. Remembering all the moves and steps takes a lot of practice and time. 

The Sibling game was another memorable part of the assembly. It was exciting to see the competition go on between the four groups of siblings. The arm-wrestling competition that members of the wrestling team had competed in was Dominick Girard’s favorite part. Girard said, “It was really entertaining to see Mr. Kuhn had lost to one of his own wrestlers.” Justice Onstott was the one to not only win every arm wrestling match between the other wrestlers but Kuhn as well. 

Even though most of the student body had expressed Bowerman’s performance as their favorite, Bowerman had her own favorite part of the Christmas assembly. She expresses, “my favorite part was watching Mr. Bernia who had dressed up as the Grinch.” Mr.Bernia captured the role of the Grinch extremely well. 

In the end, this assembly was amazing, it had a lot of Christmas spirit and fun activities to keep everyone happy. By having Mr. Bernia and Mr. Maxwell dressed up as the Grinch and Santa Claus gave it more of a Christmas feeling. This assembly would not have been as amazing as it was without SLHS’ funny students and great staff with great personalities. 2021’s Christmas assembly will definitely be one to go down in history!