SLHS students partake in a performance for Academy of Performing Arts Company after the “Come home to Alma” parade


Courtesy Photo

SLHS students Elizabeth Starry, Leah Chvojka, and Tori Patterson perform for Academy of Performing Arts Company in downtown Alma.

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

A few students at St. Louis High School are a part of the Academy of Performing Arts Company, where they recently performed in the studio windows shortly after the “Come Home to Alma” parade Friday, Dec. 10, 2021. A few of the students that were involved in the performance are Elizabeth Starry, Leah Chvojka, and Tori Patterson. 

“I believe it went really well! It was my first performance back as a company member since my freshman year. I am now a senior, so it was bittersweet,” said Chvojka. “I am also SUPER excited to perform more this year! Especially for the event for Arts United in February that Company One performs at. I think our advanced poms routine really got everyone into the holiday spirit. I was glad to dance with my fellow seniors, but am sad that it had to be my last Come Home to Alma with The Academy of Performing Arts.”

Elizabeth Starry said, “Everything went well, and we all had a great time doing it together as a company. It did go better than I expected. We had two of our five members in our dance gone for a dress rehearsal. Everyone managed to pull it all together about 30 minutes before the performance.” Starry added, “I am very excited to perform more this year and see how much our group will advance and improve. I’m so glad the music didn’t cut out like the last performance and the previous Coming Home to Alma.”

“I thought it went pretty well for the most part, especially since we hadn’t done anything like it in a couple of years because of Covid.  It went pretty much as expected, nothing went wrong but it was a tiring performance due to the long practice we had the day before. If I were to change one thing about it, it would be that we hadn’t had a Company party the night before. I am very excited to perform at the end of the year. Recitals are always so much fun and a really great experience. It’s a nice feeling being able to show off what you have worked so hard to achieve the entire year.” Tori Patterson said.

The companies worked hard to bring a great performance to family, friends, and audiences who wanted to watch. A big thanks to the choir that performed the music for the companies as well!