Want to know what makes a home warm and welcoming? House plants!


Autumn Mann

This plant is a golden pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, and is one of the easiest plants to take care of!

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

People enjoy decorating their houses, both interior, and exterior, but what’s one of the most common decorations today? House plants have been rising in popularity at St. Louis High School, whether fake or real. People put them in various places, their bedroom, hanging from their ceiling, in front of windows, or in their classrooms!

According to Healthline, there are many benefits to owning house plants. It could help reduce stress, studies have shown that indoor plants can make most people feel more comfortable in their area, and more soothed. Studies have also shown that to most, plants help with blood pressure and heart rate. Plants can also help you possibly recover from illnesses faster, and may pay more attention to your surroundings. Not to mention the fun parts; decoration, and caring for a living thing.

“I prefer something real. As a biologist, I think living things are cool and prefer to care for something and find that feeling of accomplishment, rather than having something in my house that I would never touch again. Although, the only plant I have myself is the succulent in my classroom.” Mr. Bunce said. When asked if he would recommend house plants to a friend or family, he said, “it would depend on the person, if they have no interest in plants, then no. If they have an interest, however, I would recommend a plant that doesn’t need much care such as a cactus or a succulent. Those two types of plants don’t need too much, just some water and they are good to go. To someone who is really into plants, I would recommend hanging vine plants – or if you have room, floor plants. For outdoorsy people, I would definitely recommend something like a garden with a variety of plants for the spring and summer.”

Ms. Kisser said, “I prefer real plants. I don’t have any fake ones in my classroom or at home. Real plants are a challenge, which I enjoy. They also are constantly growing and changing, which is fun to watch. Also, I’ve learned a lot about plants in the last couple of years. Not only would I recommend plants to my friends and family, but I have propagated some of my plants and given them to friends and family. I have 3 plants in my classroom. In my apartment, I have 20 indoor plants, and 2 outdoor plants that are currently inside for the winter. Before quarantine, I had 5 plants. Three were spider plants that I carried to Florida in a ziplock to start when I lived there. The other two were gifts from friends. During quarantine, buying plants (from the store or online) was something exciting to do and look forward to. And so, now I have 20+ plants and am out of room for new ones!”