SLHS students host elections for new Student Council positions


Autumn Mann

Dylan Luft and Alexander Hardy begin to discuss the requirements to be able to become a student council representative.

Aaron Bowerman , Writer

The St. Louis High School Student Council makes election announcements this Thursday, December 2nd. 

Many students will experience their first-ever class elections this year. There were several important instructions given to the class representatives during this meeting. Essentially, the candidates were informed of the requirements of student council representatives, deadlines for their scripted speeches, and some future responsibilities. These speeches will be presented Thursday, Dec. 9. 

Craig Bebow, a potential candidate for the Senior class presidency position stated, “This meeting was very informational and helped me understand the responsibility to a fuller extent.” Another candidate who attended the meeting was Korah Honig. She stated, “I feel very nervous about this campaign and I care a lot about the student council.” This election season is one unlike any other I have seen in my extensive career in student politics. The senior class has a very competitive field for their seats, and then on the other hand you have the Junior class who barely has enough candidates to fill all of their seats.

Politics aside, the responsibilities of these candidates especially for the seniors are pretty big. All student council members will help orchestrate assemblies, dances, and other fun activities for the student body. Meanwhile, the executive council runs meetings for the student council. Perhaps the most important position is the seniors’ student council president who will be in charge of planning class reunions and managing the class bank account in conjunction with the class treasurer.