Students compete in a intense Hotwheel races during lunch, who made it out alive?


Courtesy Photo

Students Will Erickson, Hunter Salladay, Alex Baxter, Cole Acker, and Craig Bebow pose with all of their hotwheel cars where they began to battle it out on the race track.

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

Although they were famous in 1970, Hot Wheels is making a comeback to some of St. Louis High School students. This started around Monday, Nov. 29, when senior Craig Bebow bought Hot Wheels tracks and a launcher and then brought it to the school. From then on, more and more students have been bringing in cars to play with them, such as: Benjamin and Nate March, Alexander Baxter, Hunter Salladay, and Cole Acker. 

In 1970 Hot Wheels came up with its own slogan, which says “Go with the Winner.” According to its website, 43 new cars appeared after its fame rose.

“I didn’t think at first it would crest attention, but I was surprised at the student body when people got interested,” said Craig Bebow. “I’d have to say, Cole, a nerd Dodge demon, is the fastest and best looking. We have fun, but it’s more than fun it’s family, and when we race it’s just a family having fun.”

“I knew it would be fun, but I never thought it would receive as much attention as it seems to be getting,” Sallady said, “I would definitely say my favorite car is my Christmas Dodge Charger because I’ve caught most of my dubs with that mean machine. My favorite part of doing this is that it is something fun to do not only with our friend group, but also with anyone else who brought their wheels who wants to throw their two cents in. The only other additional information I want to share is that CJ’s burger car is a silent killer. It’s so good.”

Braden Ball said, “I did not expect to get this much attention from others. A couple of people brought them in my first hour, and since then our whole lunch table started doing it, and it has blown up from there. My favorite part is that my friends and I all get to show our own unique cars. Will Erickson and Hunter Salladay have spent too much money on Hot Wheels this past week.”

Cole Acker also gave in his two-cents, “I really did not expect the car racing to get very much attention, as one day (we met in the first hour); since then, it has evolved into lots of people racing Hot Wheels with each other within the lunchroom. My favorite part of this whole thing would have to be sharing the passion for cars that many people at our school have in the form of races with the Hot Wheels. Shoutout to Craig Bebow for buying the track.”

If anyone would like to experience this amazing event, spectate these students, or perhaps play with them, they can be found on the track during lunch hours at the first table in front of the stage in the high school cafeteria.