Biggest disagreement of all time: Is paperback better than hardcover?


Autumn Mann

Two students at SLHS, who love reading, begin to argue over if hardcovers are better than paperbacks.

Autumn Mann, Editor

In the wonderful world of books, one of the biggest arguments of all time is hardcover versus paperback. However, what makes one better than the other? 

The book community continues to have disagreements about which one is better. Personally, I believe that paperback books, also known as soft covers, are better because they are less bulky, easier to travel with, and they are light. Paperbacks are bendable and tend to be priced more reasonably than hardcovers. The covers usually feel smooth and are comfortable to hold without the hard corners of hardcovers. 

However, hardcovers do last longer and usually have prettier covers, but they can be annoying to read with. Hardcovers are too bulky to hold comfortably while laying down or trying to read on the road. They get in the way and take up too much space in a bag or just in general. Hardcovers, overall, are very expensive too. They cost more to manufacture and they are sold for way more in stores and online.  

Abigail Conn expresses, “Paperbacks are the way to go! I love to bend my book when I read, and I believe that a bent book is a sign of a good book.” 

Sarah Corson believes, “Hardcovers are honestly better because they are easier to keep open and I always feel fancier when reading hardcover books. However, I do own more paperbacks than hardcovers. Nonetheless, Hardcovers are better!” 

Sophia Denman states, “Paperbacks are way better than hardcovers because they’re easier to read and the covers on the hardcovers always slip off, and it’s super annoying; on the plus side they are cheaper!” 

Evelynn Gutierrez believes, “I like hardcovers better because they are more aesthetically pleasing to look at.” 

Mikayla Haag also expresses, “I prefer paperback books because they’re just more comfortable to carry around and to hold.”

It all depends on your lifestyle and your preference. If you prefer something that will last a long time, you’ll want to invest in hardcovers. On the other hand, if you are a person who is always on the road and loves a quick read or something that is easy to travel with, then soft covers are for you.