St. Louis High School principal Eric Huff takes on a new job!


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SLHS sadly says goodbye to their principal, Mr. Huff, who will be missed greatly by the staff and student body.

Jason Pierce, Writer

It may come as a surprise for many students as news about the leaving of Mr. Huff, the principal of St. Louis High School, has been confirmed to be true. This information originates from a teacher’s meeting where Huff had discussed the possibility of leaving his position as the high school principal for an assistant principal job at a local high school. His reasons for leaving were based entirely on his desire to spend more time with his family.

This concept was confirmed later through an email sent to his teaching staff as Huff is taking another administrative position in Alma. So now this throws a controversial question into the air; how much will this change impact the high school? Another such question that is up for debate is, who will run things after this transition? Some students debate if someone like Mr. Anderson will take over, or if the superintendent will fill in until a new principal is found to take Huff’s place.

One junior student, Alex Hardy, commented, “I understand it. He’s moving for family reasons, so I can’t be mad at him. I think he’ll be missed, and it will be weird not having him, but things happen and we’ll only move forward”

An email Mr. Huff sent to every student Nov 17, 2021, expressed goodbyes to the students of SLHS, and said he loved his time serving as the principal, and, “I would not trade my experience here for anything in the world, and I will be forever grateful.” He also added the date of Nov. 24, which will be his last day here.

Clearly, Huff has made an impact on the high school and the students who attend SLHS, and it will be an interesting change for everyone. , this won’t negatively affect how things are run here at SLHS, and perhaps there will be some good changes made, but maybe not. The most anyone can do now is wish Huff the best of luck with his new career at Alma.