GSA brings awareness to national LGBTQ+ history month in October


Courtesy Photo

GSA brings awareness to LGBTQ+ month by decorating with a display of multiple informational posters that were put up by the library.

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

October was Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ) history month, bringing awareness to the community. The St. Louis High School’s GSA members raised awareness of this month in their very own way, excited to create projects and ideas for their SLHS. A few examples would be the display of multiple informational posters that were put up by the library, and pronoun day.

“I feel like it went the way we had expected,” Ms. Stowell, the advisor of GSA, said in regards to pronoun day. “We knew that not everyone would want to participate, and we did not want to push people if they were not comfortable. I think we hoped more people would participate or more people would ask questions, but it went the way we expected.” When asked if she would do it again, she responded with, “I believe we want to do it again next year, and I think we have gathered some useful information for how we can make it even better next year. I am not sure if we will plan events in June for Pride Month since we only have school until June 8, and that means a lot of that time will be dedicated to exams.”

Pronoun day was hosted Oct. 22, 2021. Curtis Brashaw explains more of the day, “This required our group to set up at seven in the morning and we had to address potential concerns at a staff meeting.” 

Regarding the display in the library, Ms. Stowell said, “A lot of the people and events that were featured on our display outside the media center were so interesting to learn about and I keep seeing them pop up in other places. Two of the people featured, I saw displayed in the African American Museum of History and Culture. One of the figures was featured on Google for the first day of Native American Heritage Month. It is really cool to now make connections when I see these people and events referenced in other places.”

Brashaw also said, “Each of us also worked to make posters in honor of LGBTQ historical figures or events you may not have known about because it was LGBTQ History Month. We then used a total of 24 posters to create a display outside of the media center.”