Korah Honig makes her mark on SLHS


Shelby Honig

Korah Honig poses for her senior pictures in her SLHS volleyball uniform as she prepares to say goodbye to high school.

Aaron Bowerman , Writer

Senior Korah Honig recently tied the school record for most kills in three out of five games at the district semi-finals.

Honig has been playing volleyball for nine years, ever since she moved to the United States of America from Russia. Over these nine years, she has played the outside and middle positions. Honig plays on her school volleyball team, a club team, and is committed to Indiana Tech. This season she has received first team all conference and all region honors, became team captain, and tied the school record for kills in a game. Previously Honig has received second team all conference. After high school, she plans on opening a wedding planning business. 

However, volleyball isn’t the only sport that Honig plays. She also participates in 11 other clubs and teams, some of which include: throwing events during track season, participating in pom pons, and playing in several band activities offered. Honig has been a very influential person in her time at St. Louis High School. Close friend and new student Braden Ball describes Honig’s personality in his own words, “Korah is very friendly; she greeted me with open arms and has a vibratious personality.” 

Honig has a reputation for being late to class but is an enthusiastic and good-hearted student. Honig’s Financial Management teacher, Mrs. Biehl, describes Honig’s personality in the classroom as, “Energetic, fun and enthusiastic.” 

A few of Honig’s most outstanding accomplishments include being a state qualifier for track, receiving track academic all state honors, being second team all conference for both volleyball and track, and being recruited to play college-level volleyball. These achievements are most spectacular and quite numerous in comparison to some other classmates, which begs the question, what drives her? What sets this successful young lady apart from the rest of her classmates? 

Honig said her core value is, “Community.” Community is the sharing of benefits, the involvement of others, and an overwhelming sense of belonging. This is clearly demonstrated through others’ descriptions of her. All in all, Korah Honig is a well rounded, respectable student. A word of advice from her: “Hard work pays off. When you have a goal, you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to be able to achieve it. I knew that I wanted to play volleyball after highschool since I began playing in fourth grade. To think that I am going to be on the Indiana Tech volleyball team is insane. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your hard work pay off.”