Is it okay to start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Korah Honig, Staff Writer

Is it okay to start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving? This question is playing in students minds’ at Saint Louis Highschool. 


Picture this: it’s Nov. 1eople start taking down their Halloween decorations. It’s the end of a spooky season, and the beginning of… Thanksgiving season?  Many people think that the Christmas season starts Nov. 1st every year. However, Christmas fanatic Peyton Allen loves to start celebrating early. She said, “Christmas for me initially starts November first. I start religiously listening to ‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carrie and watching the grinch every day. I put all of my summer stuff in a tote and start the last minute Christmas shopping.” 

People believe that Christmas is not enough for just one month. They also think that it’s the holiday season, so they can just pause for the day of Thanksgiving.

Others believe that the Christmas season should be saved for until after Thanksgiving. Radios don’t start playing Christmas music until Dec. 1, and how can you get in the Christmas spirit if it’s still Fall? Delaney Hitsman has strong feelings about this. “Christmas should not be celebrated before Thanksgiving because Christmas is not during the month of November and December. It is only for one month. You don’t celebrate New Year’s on Halloween,” she adds.


Opinions aside, you can’t ignore the holiday preparations that are already beginning. One example occurs in the band room as now that marching band is over, the concert band is now preparing for their Christmas concert. Liv Good commented,  “People always tell me I shouldn’t be listening to Christmas music yet. I always tell them that I have no choice… I’m in band.”