St. Louis High School Varsity Football team competed against Breckenridge


Korah Honig

St. Louis High School Varsity Football team celebrates as they score a touchdown against Breckenridge.

Adry Munoz , Writer

The St. Louis varsity football team competed against Breckenridge for an away conference game Friday, Oct. 22. The Huskies won with a score of 46-14, and this was the Shark’s last game of the season. 

St. Louis quarterback Reece Giles hit Ben Dousuah with a 13-yard touchdown pass and Micheal Baysah with a 69-yard pass for a TD. 

The team struggled with injuries at the end of the season and worked as hard as they could with what they had. 

The Sharks, unfortunately, did not make the playoffs but ended a great season with a winning record of 5-4. 

Head coach of the Sharks Julian Paski had some words to share about the end of the season. He stated, “Some of my favorite moments would have to be seeing how the team molded as one. How the leaders on all levels worked with one another to become better each and every day. I also loved seeing how competitive this team was.  We were young so we have a lot of growing to do and will figure out how to finish games but to see how competitive we were against really good teams like Ithaca and Standish. Another highlight of the season was beating Saginaw Nouvel (the first time we have beaten this team) and on our home field—and probably one of my favorite moments: beating MLS with an awesome one-minute drive to score and a big defensive stand.  In this game, Ben also had that huge block to spring Wisdom for a big run. 

Paski also added, “Some Goals that I had before the season was to keep building and changing the culture.  I believe the Sharks have become accustomed to losing and having people expect us to lose. We achieved a new culture by coming together, working our tails off, and getting 5 quality wins. Our 19th winning season out of 72 years.  5th winning season out of the last 30 years. 

We had a fun and exciting season overall. We are graduating 8 seniors and for our young guns now with varsity experience under our belts, an off-season ahead of us to work hard and keep proving people wrong.  I can’t wait for what’s in store  for the Sharks!”

Senior captain Reece Giles said, “Our season went very well in my opinion. We had a positive record and most importantly we had a younger team—a lot of freshmen and we were able to adapt and combine strengths and make an amazing team.” 

Overall, it was a season the Sharks will remember for years to come.