SLHS held a Bowling meeting Oct. 25


Jason Pierce

Jason Pierce bowling ball sits waiting to be waxed and used this bowling season.

Jason Pierce, Writer

Oct. 25, Students attended an informational meeting about this year’s bowling team. During lunch on this date, those who were interested in bowling went to Mr. Bernia’s room, and although it was a short meeting, students had some of their questions answered. At the meeting, there was a large sum of students who attended and there was enough to fill almost every seat.

This year, some changes have been made such as Mr. Bernia is taking over the bowling team, and the team will be more active physically. Bernia quickly discussed how those who join the bowling team will exercise on their own time. This being the case, he handed out some papers on recommended exercises and workouts.

There were a great many students who attended the meeting, and it raised some concerns among other students. Junior Alex Hardy, a returning bowler commented, “There were so many people that most of them will be sitting out, and they’ll just end up leaving.” Thoughts like this arise because there haven’t been this many students on the bowling team before.

Another concern that Bernia brought up was when practices start. He simply mentioned, “We do not yet know when just that they’ll be some time after Nov. 15.” Now this leaves students waiting to get started bowling. In the meantime, students can get started on those workouts to prepare themselves for the practices.